Water  Districts

Each year during the month of June the Designated REALTOR® is required to certify to their local Board all active agents that are affiliated with their office.  The DR must also confirm each agent’s license status, and additionally, because of NAR's new "MLS of Choice" policy, confirm which MLS each agent is subscribing to.   The completed forms will then be checked against NABOR and DBPR records.  NABOR is an all REALTOR® Board and the dues responsibility of any non-member falls to the DR.This request is mandated per the approved NABOR & NAR Bylaws.  

The form for your completion is available as a  Word.doc format.  
Please return to this office no later than June 30th 2019.

Article VI - Privileges and Obligations
 Section 12. "Designated" REALTOR® Members of the Board shall certify to the Board during the month of June on a form provided by the Board, a complete listing of all individuals licensed or certified in the REALTOR®‘s office(s) and shall designate a primary Board for each individual who holds membership. Designated REALTORS® shall also identify any non-member licensees in the REALTOR®’s office(s) and if Designated REALTOR® dues have been paid to another Board based on said non-member licensees, the Designated REALTOR® shall identify the Board to which dues have been remitted. These declarations shall be used for purposes of calculating dues under Article X, Section 2(a) of the Bylaws. "Designated" REALTOR® Members shall also notify the Board of any additional individual(s) licensed or certified with the firm(s) within 30 days of the date of affiliation or severance of the individual.

 What is MLS Board of Choice?
Agents may now subscribe to any MLS in which their broker is a participant of.   MLSs  will assess Brokers a fee based on their affiliated licensees who chose to subscribe to the MLS. However, MLSs will have the discretion to assess fees to agents affiliated with a participating office jurisdiction, if those agents have not subscribed to another MLS. 

The Navarre MLS IDX feed is only available to Navarre MLS subscribers.

Licensees are only authorized to receive and use data from services where they subscribe; unauthorized access/use of MLS data where a licensee does not subscribe will lead to sanctions against their principal broker and termination of any MLS subscription waiver.