2023 Spirit of NABOR Service Award - Sam Kinkaid

2023   Michele Tucker

2021   Billy Chapman

2018   Mark Miller

2017   Michael Simpson

2015   Deena Smith
2014   Phil Babiak
2013   Bob Hartley
2011   Dorothy Slye

2023 Community Service Award - Erin Crumbley

2023 REALTOR® of the Year - Janet Keller

NABOR's Roll of Honor

Current & Former Award Winners

2023 Affiliate of the Year - Reliable Land Title

Rebecca Ann Evans Award - Michele Tucker

2010   Angela Campbell

2009  Al Deason

2007  Sandi Kemp
2005  Tracey Terry
2004  Ira Mae Bruce
2003  Bill Pullum
2002  Scott Parsons
2001  David Adams 

2023 President's Award - Nikki New

The Rebecca Ann Evans Memorial  Award is NABOR's highest honor bestowed to commemorate the life and contributions of the late president for unselfish service to NABOR, to the real estate community and to the quality of life in the

Greater Navarre Area.

REALTOR® of the Year Award
The REALTOR® of the Year Award is presented to a REALTOR®  member who has a positive impact on the REALTOR® profession within NABOR and beyond.

Affiliate of the Year
The Affiliate of the Year award goes to the Affiliate who supports NABOR both financially and professionally. 

Community Service Award
The Community Service Award is presented to a Realtor member who impacts a variety of community organizations with his/her involvement--someone who does more than just attend meetings and actually contributes volunteer time and energy in Navarre, and Santa Rosa County.  

2023 Winners

REALTOR® of the Year:     Janet Keller
Community Service:           Erin Crumbley
Affiliate:                               Reliable Land Title

2019 Winners

REALTOR® of the Year:     Billy Chapman
Community Service:           Michele Tucker
Affiliate:                               Prime Lending

2018 Winners

REALTOR® of the Year:     Amy Mullins
Community Service:          CMsgt. James Seever USAF, Ret.
Affiliate:                              University Lending Group

2017 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:    Lynda Walker
Community Service:          Carol Andersen
Affiliate:                              ResortQuest By Wyndham Vacations

2016 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:    Rhonda Musch    
Community Service:          Eric Musch
Affiliate:                              South Santa Rosa News

2015 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Joe Lacey  
Community Service:         Mark Miller
Affiliate:                             Beach Community Bank & Mortgage
2014 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:  Bob Hartley
Community Service:         Jerry Foster
Affiliate:                             Pleat, Perry & Ritchie
2013 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Jodi Van Wagner
Community Service:         Michele Tucker
Affiliate:                             Navarre Drywall

2012  Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Mark Miller
Community Service:         Sheila Walker
Affiliate:                             East Bay Insurance 

2011 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Nancy Brown
Community Service:         Patti Mankoff
Affiliate:                             Prime Lending

2010 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Amity Parrish
Community Service:         Nancy Brown
Affiliate:                             Prime Lending
2009 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Patti Mankoff
Community Service:         Shari Bauer
Affiliate:                             AAA Auto Club South  

2008 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Mike Simpson
Community Service:        Carol Andersen
Affiliate:                             Countrywide Home Loans Navarre

 2007 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Martha Franklin
Community Service:        Tammy Pahal Morgan
Affiliate:                             NWF Daily News
2006 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   John Jones
Community Service:        Lauretta Aiken
Affiliate:                             Countrywide Navarre and GB
REALTOR® Advocate       Scott Parsons               

 2005 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:   Julie Petersen
Community Service:         Bart Pullum
Affiliate:                             State Farm - Wallace Moorehand & Reliable Land Title   
2004 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:  Mark Williams
Community Service:        Mark Williams
Affiliate:                             Shellie Isakson 

2003 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:  Michele Tucker
Community Service:        Phil Babiak
Affiliate:                            Scott Parsons  

2002 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:  Mark Williams
Community Service:        Bill Pullum
Affiliate:                             Sandi Kemp - Navarre Press  

2001 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year:  Al Deason
Community Service:        Fountains
Affiliate:                            S Resmondo (Issakson)     

2000 Winners
REALTOR® of the Year: Phil Babaiak
Community Service:       Dorothy Slye
Affiliate:                            Reliable Land Title
Prior Years REALTOR® of the Year
1999                                Warren Morgan
1998                                Al Deason
1997                                Bob Evans
1996                                Bob Hartley
1995                                David Adams
1994                                Janet Larker
1993                                Betty Fountain
1987                                Deena Smith
1986                                C Larker
1983                                Martha Pullum