Political Advocacy

As part of our local Mission, from time to time NABOR takes a position on certain issues that relate to private property rights, protecting property taxes and advancing responsible & effective local legislation that is conducive for our members to prosper.

Re-Election of Bob Johnson - SRC Sheriff

The NABOR Board of Directors has unanimously approved the re-election of Sheriff Bob Johnson in the August 2020 Primary.  In the short time Sheriff Johnson has been in office, he has made a huge impact.  Sheriff Johnson’s experience, professionalism and leadership serve our community well:  The county’s crime rates are dramatically reduced and he has created an environment for success within his agency. NABOR  strongly recommends his re-election knowing that he is committed to continuing to provide the excellent services we have come to expect for the citizens of Santa Rosa County.

Re-Election of Sam Parker - SRC Commissioner District 1
The NABOR Board of Directors has unanimously voted to support the re- election of Santa Rosa County Commissioner Sam Parker.  Commissioner Parker has shown outstanding leadership during his tenure and, as an active REALTOR® member, has a unique insight to the very real challenges our industry and community faces regarding development, infrastructure, affordable housing and sustaining the quality of life that currently requires a minimum of 1,500 new homes in the county a year, to keep pace with demand.  

Support of the One Cent Sales Tax
 “Shall a one half cent sales tax be levied to fund law enforcement/fire and public safety facilities and equipment, transportation and drainage improvements, infrastructure projects/public facilities, recreation/natural resources and capital equipment. The tax will be levied for a period of five years.”
The NABOR Board of Directors has voted to support the implementation of the proposed one cent sales tax on the October 8th ballot.   With the increased development and tourism the area is benefiting from, sharing the burden of necessary improvements among everyone who enjoys the area, is the responsible thing to do.

Impact Fees

The Navarre Area Board of Realtors® reiterates its position against the reinstatement of impact fees in Santa Rosa County.
The county’s population is growing at an exponential rate, which is reflective of the success of our economy and our ability to maintain housing at affordable rates for the military and other working families.
For example, in 2018-2019, the county collected approximately $30 million more in revenue than the previous fiscal year. That is a huge number that helps demonstrate how successful we have been in allowing the market to react directly to supply and demand, without the added pressure of additional taxation levied on developers and passed on to home buyers.
Why then, would we want to take a step backwards and reinstate something that has the potential to slow our growth, drive developers and homebuyers away and starve our municipal services of the much-needed funding they receive from expanding property tax revenue?
The Navarre Area Board of Realtors® urges the county to maintain their suspension of residential impact fees; to budget wisely with the increased ad valorem taxes resulting from future land development, and to seek a “complete solution” for funding that does not hamper or deter growth, but rather balances public capital improvements fairly on all who enjoy the county’s services.


NABOR is neither for nor against incorporation; it is a matter for the people of Navarre to decide.

The Navarre Pass

NABOR is in favor of the Pass in so much as it does not impact the Military mission.

Private Property Rights

The Navarre Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR) believes that the right to private property is an essential condition for the operation of our free enterprise system and a primary principle of the social contract upon which our democratic system of government relies for legitimacy. As a result, NABOR passionately advocates for the right to freely purchase, own, use and transfer real property. Any erosion of this protection, real or perceived, is cause for serious alarm.       


The Navarre Town Center Plan

NABOR is in favor of the Navarre Town Center Plan

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