Rebecca Ann Evans Award
Awarded for outstanding and unselfish service to the Navarre Area Board of REALTORS®, to the real estate profession generally and to the public.  This is a lifetime achievement award.

REALTOR® of the Year Award
The REALTOR® of the Year Award is presented to a REALTOR® member who has a positive  impact on the REALTOR® profession within NABOR and beyond.

Affiliate of the Year
The Affiliate of the Year award goes to the Affiliate who supports NABOR both financially and professionally.  

Community Service Award
The Community Service Award is presented to a REALTOR® member who impacts a variety of community organizations with his/her involvement.  Someone who does more than just attend meetings and actually contributes volunteer time and energy in Navarre, and Santa Rosa County.

Deadlines For Nominations is Friday, November 7th 2017

Each year, NABOR recognizes its members for their outstanding  contributions to the Board and the community. 
Nominees are sought for the evaluation of the Awards Committee* and  presentations will be made at the Annual Awards and Installation Banquet on December 6th, 2017.

Please consider nominating someone who, in your opinion, has contributed to the success of the organization, the profession,  or the community as a whole.   Listed left, are the different awards' criteria.  Candidates may be nominated for more than one award.  

NOTE:  Nominations are evaluated based upon substantive, specific examples supporting the various criteria.  Thus, generalized positive comments – while complimentary – do not aid in establishing how and why the nominee deserves an award.  

In the case of the Community Service Award, sometimes the only information the Committee has on  which to make a determination as to a nominee’s relative worthiness is what is provided on the nomination form!  All nominations should have some rationale to assist the Committee with their selection.  Nominations should not be anonymous....they are your recommendation!

*The Awards Committee is made up of members of the Executive Committee (current serving officers and the immediate past president),  and the previous year's winner of the REALTOR® of the Year and Community Service Award (who vote for their respective category).  The Rebecca Anne Evans Award is considered by the current and previous two year's presidents and the previous 2 recipients.

2017 Annual NABOR Awards

Congratulations to the above 2016 winners!  Who do you think is deserving of recognition this year?