Upcoming Education

All classes scheduled below will be held at the NABOR Conference Room unless otherwise noted.

New this year:  GRI Classes Online
Florida Realtors® is pleased to announce a partnership with Van Education Center (VanEd) in bringing the Graduate Realtor® Institute to you.  VanEd is a leading provider of online education courses for real estate and appraisal professionals.  With this partnership, Florida Realtors® offers members of our local Boards and Associations the accessibility of the GRI coursework in a convenient, at-your-own-pace, online format. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The GRI online program is approved for CE and post license credit.  Learn more about the earning power of this prestigious designation

Onsite Class Schedule  

We're still planning our schedule.  Let us know what you'd like to attend!

Date                     Time                       Class                                 Credits                      Instructor                           Cost

01/20/2017         10 a.m.                 Form Simplicity                 3CE Credits               Mark Miller                         $15
02/03/2017         9 a.m.                    Ethics                                 3CE Credits              Bob Hartley                        $15 or Free to new members
02/10/2017         9 a.m.                    MLS                                     N/A                           Mark Miller                         Free
02/14/2017         12 p.m.                 Contracts                            3CE Credits              Kerry Anne Schultz           $15
02/17/2017         9 a.m.                    Contracts                           N/A                            Bob Hartley                        Free
02/17/2017         10:30 a.m.            New Mem Mortgage         N/A                            Stacy Haynes                     Free
02/17/2017         11:30 a.m.            Title Class                           N/A                            Odom & Barlow                 Free

02/22/2017         9 a.m.                    Commercial REALTOR®   4CE                            Linda Olson                       $20

02/25/2017         1:30 p.m.               Commerical Advanced     3CE                            Linda Olson                       $15

02/27/2017         8:30 a.m.               E PRO                                 8CE Credits               Craig Grant                        Free
03/06/2017         12 p.m.                 Form Simplicity (Brks)       N/A                             Kaz Cisowski                      $10
03/06/2017         1:30 p.m.              MLS Advantage                 2CE Credits                Kaz Cisowski                      $10

04/18/2017         11:30 a.m.            1031 Tax exchange          TBD                             First International Title    Free   

05/05/2017         9 a.m.                    Ethics                                  N/A                            Bob Hartley                        Free or Free to new members
05/11/2017         12 p.m.                 Newly Lic, Now What*        4CE Credits              Denise Oyler                      $20
05/12/2017         9 a.m.                    MLS                                     N/A                            Mark Miller                         Free
05/19/2017         9 a.m.                    Contracts                            N/A                            Bob Hartley                        Free
05/19/2017         10:20 a.m.            New Mem Mortgage          N/A                            TBD                                     Free
05/19/2017         11:20 a.m.             Title Class                            N/A                            First Intl Title                      Free

06/22/2017          Noon                    Flood Class                         TBD                           Gulf Coast Advantage Ins. TBD

07/18/2017          Noon                    Florida Military Specialist  4 CE Credits              David Collins                       $20

07/24/2017          9:00 a.m.              Core Law                            3 CE Credits              David Collins                      $15

07/24/2017          1:00 p.m.              Lead Generation               3CE Credits               David Collins                      $15

08/04/2017         9 a.m.                    Ethics                                  3CE Credits                Bob Hartley                       $15 or  Free to new members
08/10/2017         12 p.m.                 Contracts                            3CE Credits              Kerry Anne Schultz             $15
08/11/2017         9 a.m.                    MLS                                     N/A                            Robert Nay                         Free

08/14/2017         Noon                     Senior Financing                2 CE Credits                                                          $10
08/18/2017         9 a.m.                    Contracts                            N/A                           Bob Hartley                         Free
08/18/2017         10:20 a.m.            New Mem Mortgage          N/A                           Beach Comm. Mortgage   Free
08/18/2017        11:20 a.m.             Title Class                            N/A                           Reliable Land Title             Free
09/07/2017        11 a.m.                   VA Seminar                         N/A                           Veterans United                Free

09/19/2017        Noon                      Newly Licensed                  4 CE Credits             Sam Kinkaid                       $20

11/03/2017        9 a.m.                     Ethics                                   3CE Credits             Bob Hartley                        $15 or free to new members

11/16/2017        11 a.m.                   Tax Class                              N/A                          Rick Cantin CPA                 Free

11/17/2017        9 a.m.                     MLS                                      N/A                           Robert Nay                        Free
12/01/2017        9 a.m.                     Contracts                             N/A                          Bob Hartley                        Free
12/01/2017       10:30 am                New Mem Mortgage           N/A                          University Lending Grp     Free
12/01/2017       11:30 a.m.              Title Class                             N/A                          First International Title     Free 


*iCE class

 The Small Print!

We welcome the attendance of neighboring Board's members.  There is an additional fee for non members to attend classes.

Payment--Prices for each class have been discounted 3% for cash or checks.  Payment should be made no later than the day of the class. To allow us to prepare adequate materials, seating and catering, we ask that you kindly register in advance.  Registration  will close at 3:00 pm the day before each class, after that time, you may attend, but an additional $5 late registration fee will apply.

CE Classes--Please note that if you are attending a class for CE credit you must be present for the entire duration of the class and are requested to quote your license number when registering.

Cancellation Policy--If you fail to attend or do not give the required 24 hours cancellation notice,  you will be invoiced as per NABOR policy.